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When you're looking for aquarium supplies, there's no better choice than Nahacky's Aquarium. We offer saltwater coral, live plants, freshwater fish, and more. Call or stop in to learn more about our selection of aquarium supplies.

Live Plants

We commonly have several different types of live plants in stock:

  • Amazon swords
  • Various anubias species (nana, coffeefolia)
  • Dwarf baby tears
  • Monte Carlo
  • Rotala indica
  • Apothogen species
  • Java fern
  • Narrow leaf java fern
  • Hygro augustafolia
  • Bolbitis 

Saltwater Coral & Other Aquarium Supplies for Melbourne, FL

Nahacky's Aquarium

Planted tank substrates:

  • Fluval Stratum
  • ​Seachem's Flourite
  • ​Ecocomplete
  • Aquasolum